Sunday, 15 February 2015

Big cat sighting at Monkton

I had a really weird experience thus morning (February 15th 2015) that i can't get out my mind. I was driving past monkton nature reserve early today about 5.45 am saw a massive cat run across road and run through the fencing at the top. I've seen the puma at Wingham wildlife Parc and thus animal looked like them. The tail was about 3 foot long"

Big cat sighting at Dover

"We’d like to report a leopard/big black cat sighting this morning (15 February) at about 2.10am.
We’d been driving about 5 minutes from Dover port on the rural A256 Dover Road/ inbetween the Whitfield Bypass /Pineham and Betteshanger, when one ran across the road about 30 yards in front of us. We put the full beams on and noticed the animal was completely black, far too large to be a domestic cat, with big paws and a long tail which the animal was holding up. It was prowling across the street like a big cat, so we are certain it was not a dog. It was about 3ft long."
"My partner and I are both interested in wildlife and have never seen anything like this before in the wild. We have been to the Wildlife Heritage Centre in Ashford for a Big Cat Encounter, and are very familiar with what big cats look like - and it was definitely one!
Up until now have not actually really believed in any of the big cat sightings in the UK, but both my partner and I have been converted and are 100% sure we saw a black big cat (leopard).

We also spotted a lot of rabbits by the side of the road, so it must have been hunting."

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Staplehurst sighting:


"I have just seen a huge black cat around 100 yards way in a snow covered field in Staplehurst.
I estimate it to be at least 4 foot long and jet black. As soon as i stopped and got out of the car, the cat stopped and stared at me intently before bolting across the field at a very high speed before I had a chance to take a picture.

Not sure if your are interested but this happened this morning at around 8.15am."

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Sussex big cat sighting...

A black leopard sighting has been reported to me this evening (20/1/2015) from near Seaford, in Sussex. A motorist was driving home from Seaford towards Cuckmere River when according to the witness, "a very big black cat casually stepped out of the bushes along the opposing side of the road and walked out right in front of me - it must have been 20ft away I could and still can't quite believe it! As I got to maybe 18-15 ft away it upped its pace and jumped up the bank to left of the road and disappeared across the pathway."

Over the past five or so years there has been a rise in sightings from the Seaford area; although there have been numerous sightings reported from the area over the last fifty or so years. Statistics based on our files suggest a small population of melanistic leopards which have used the railway lines, rivers and notably Seaford Golf Course for navigation. With Friston Forest close by there is plenty of foliage for a large cat or two to disappear into and with Castle Hill Nature Reserve and the forest flanking the area of sightings; it's no real shock to find such a concentrated area of reports. We'd also be interested to find out whether Drusillas Zoo have ever had anyone report a large cat in the vicinity.
Large cats are often reported around local zoo parks, attracted by smells and possibly cats housed at the parks although as  far as we're aware Drusillas only keeps servals. Even so, one huge patch of woodland and forest provides a perfect green belt for an elusive cat if it wanted to makes it way through to Ditchcling, Portslade and Hove golf course where a few years ago now a professional golfer reported that he'd seen a large cat one afternoon whilst he was practising. If one follows the greenbelt - taking in Steyning, Patching, Arundel, Midhurst and cat on the hunt could easily end up in Hampshire within a few weeks. The term 'looking for a needle in a haystack' certainly applies here...

Monday, 29 December 2014

Was a 'big cat' really shot on Sheppey in 2001? Probably not...

...but for more info follow the link and join the BIG CATS IN KENT facebook page by clicking HERE

Monday, 22 December 2014

Annual update...

So as it's the end of the year I thought I'd share a few of my annual statistics regarding local 'big cat' sightings. Firstly, it's been more quiet this year again due to my lack of interest in appealing via newspapers but the cats are still being seen in the same areas as they were - or indeed their relatives were - around twenty or so years ago. Ashford, rural Gravesham, Sevenoaks, rural Maidstone, Canterbury feature heavily again with around 65% of the 122 reports received being melanistic leopards.

Puma make up around 20% of reports this year, the rest being lynx and a handful of possible Jungle Cats. I see no reason as to whether such populations are diminishing; sightings are reasonably consistent for each area. A majority of witnesses now report sightings online rather than via actual newspapers; this is due to the fact that in Kent there are far less newspapers doing the rounds and the subject is pretty much 'old hat'.

As each year goes by I'm out less and less due to writing commitments but if anyone wishes to join me on a few vigils please feel free to get in touch - just remember; it's highly unlikely we'll se a 'big cat' but may find some sort of evidence. I've also noticed this year a slight increase in online 'research' groups (in other words, groups formed by people who don't like certain opinion in one group so decide to form their own!!); a couple of which have tried to adapt on my KENT BIG CAT RESEARCH tag; whilst one seems to have vanished - doesn't surprise me considering the chap who ran it claimed to have had some 200 personal 'big cat' sightings!!!!!! (he must be the luckiest man on earth and yet never has a camera with him!)

Reports from Sussex have remained steady, and again consistent regards to three main species in certain areas and I've also received more reports from Surrey and rural London than last year. Sadly, video footage seems to be decreasing in quality and I'm seeing more blobs, blurs, domestic cats and foxes than ever - shame those who shot the footage haven't realised this yet!
I wouldn't say that deer kills are on the increase, it's just that this year more have been found by witnesses and reported. However, it's definitely a case of cats following the deer populations but feeding on rabbit, pheasant, pigeon and foxes when deer are not present. Sheep kills are neither up or down from last year; but as expected seem more common around lambing. Still trying to obtain permission to publish a certain photo of what appears to show a very large cat in Kent; but I'm not holding my breath...

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Cuxton sighting...

A black leopard was seen on 24th November 2014 by a couple walking through woods. they had become lost and began to follow a trail which brought them out to a field when suddenly a large black cat ran across in front of them at a distance of 50 yards. The female witness present stated, "The animal was sleek with a very long tail and just so fast as it moved..." - this follows on from a few weeks previous when a Cuxton resident woke one night, looked out of his window and observed a big, black cat which was much bigger than the domestic cat and fox he'd seen earlier that night...